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Concerts have always been the bread and butter of our business. With over 30 years of experience planning and executing concerts, rest assured that our professionals will be able to achieve the concert experience that you want your concert-goers to experience during the show!

The Key Is Audio-Visual Synchronisation

Organising a concert is no easy task. It takes coordination between multiple parties, has a million moving parts, and every single aspect must work hand-in-hand, otherwise the concert will not be an enjoyable one for our concert-goers.

Once the sequence of events is tied down between the talent’s performance manager and our technical experts, we go into the logistical planning of the entire concert. From things as technically advanced as electrical supply calculations to simpler logistical requirements such as fences used in crowd flow management, we make sure that every single piece of equipment is accounted for and set it up so the concert goes smoothly.

When everything’s done moving from our international warehouses and have been properly set up at the concert venue, we spend weeks rehearsing and being on standby during the concert itself. After which is recovery, whereby we tear everything down and bring it back to our warehouses, ensuring everything is accounted for.

Interested in engaging us to plan and execute your event? Reach out to us and our dedicated project managers will be in touch with you!