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Large Scale Outdoor Events include activities such as Countdown Festivals, Sundown Marathons, Outdoor Carnivals and Pop-Up Exhibitions. We’ve organised a number of such events over the years, and we hope to do more!

Outdoor Events Require Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor Events pose a slightly different challenge as the equipment used needs to be more rugged in the event of adverse weather. As the event is outdoors, these equipment also tend to be more complex as conventional concert speakers are meant to be used in an indoor setting whereby sound travels within a closed area, so the speakers are more tuned for outdoors use, for example.

Most outdoor events have multiple ingress and egress points as well, which will require a seasoned experience designer to be able to plan the traffic flow in your event area well enough for the flow to be smooth and for maximum engagement by attendees.

Interested in engaging us to plan and execute your event? Reach out to us and our dedicated project managers will be in touch with you!